In 1949, Sing Sian Yer Pao Daily News was founded by two Chinese brothers, Mr. Aw Boon Haw, O.B.E., and Mr. Aw Boon Par, M.B.E. The two entrepreneurs, famous for their ‘Tiger Balm’ pain relieving ointment business, had entered into the newspaper business since 1929. During the course of their professional lives, they established several Chinese-language newspapers in Asia: three in Hong Kong, three in China, four in Singapore, two in Malaysia, and one in Thailand. Sing Sian Yer Pao Daily News in Thailand was the youngest among them.

Sing Sian Yer Pao Daily News was rst published on January 1, 1950. For 67 years, The Company has been serving as the eyes and ears of its readers in Thailand. They include members of the many Chinese associations and clubs that make up an integral part of the Chinese community in Thailand today. Sing Sian Yer Pao Daily News has always been regarded by the in uential decision makers as the leading source of information for local and international news, social and community news and analysis of economic and political trends that a ect their lives and businesses.